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Predict how many dots you think you will roll.

Zoinx!™:  The All or Nothing Dice GameIt’s high-rolling hijinx with this game of dicey decisions! First, all players secretly predict how many dots they think you will roll. Then shake the dice and keep rolling as long as you meet your target. But push your luck too far and Zoinx! – you lose everything and the points go to the players who bet against you!Ages: 8+Players: 2-4Average Game Length: 15 minAbout the GameWe’ve played lots of “press your luck” dice games, but what really makes Zoinx! stand apart from the crowd is that you not only have to make a prediction before you roll, but that other players have a stake in the outcome of your turn. This combination makes for some juicy decisions, particularly as the game progresses. Do you play it conservatively and go for small points, or do you have to catch up to the leader by putting all your points on the table. All along, stay aware of the odds or else you may zoinx out! Contents:     8 custom dice     score pad     Rules in Spanish     Rules of Play Reinforces:     probability     visual discrimination     fine motor skills