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Arrange each disc with numbers of its color counterclockwise

Mr. Yang invented the first version (INSPIRE) in 1992 and developed the latest two versions in 2015.These creative new puzzles/games are the best training that challenge the mind and stimulate eye/hand coordination.Each of six rotating discs has slots to hold eight numbers. In the solved position, four of six discs have the numbers 1 to 8 of its color in counterclockwise numerical order, the other two(red and white) discs have numbers 1 to 4 of its color in counterclockwise numerical order along the edge and 5 to 8(red) or 5 to 7 + one empty slot(white) of its color in numerical order in the center. Where two discs are tangent and one of the discs has an empty slot at that position, the number of the other disc at that position can be slid into the empty slot. The object is to mix up the puzzle and then restore to the solved state. Material : ABSHot-Stamped numbersRetail PackagingInventor : Mr. Yang Ju-Hsun