Unstable Eggs – Series 2


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Navigate the inner maze so that each egg can balance upright.

The Unstable Eggs are a series of blind balancing puzzles. Your goal is to get each egg to stand up straight, but all they want to do is fall over. Careful listening skills and even an astute sense of touch are required to figure out the secrets within! Each color offers a unique challenge with a simple, but not necessarily easy mechanism within. The carton set is packaged in a specially branded paper-pulp storage egg carton complete with 6 eggs .(Series 2 – Pink, Ivory, yellow, Chartreuse, Fuchsia, Silver) Small pieces; not intended for children. Each egg measures 40 mm square by 50 mm tall, or about the size of a small chicken egg.This item is 3D printed and handmade so expect minor imperfections. Do not expose Unstable Eggs to magnets. Magnetizing internal parts may make the puzzles difficult or impossible to solve. Difficulty: Pink – Intuitive Ivory – Beginner Yellow – Beginner+ Chartreuse – Intermediate Fuchsia – Advanced Silver – Advanced