Unlock! Star Wars


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Solve the puzzles to reach the final goal.

Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms.  The box contains three exciting STAR WARS adventures.  Work together to solve puzzles and accomplish the goals in each adventure.   Begin by searching the scenes and then combine objects to help solve the puzzles. Rebels:  Escape from the ice planet Hoth!Smugglers: Break out of an Imperial Star Destoyer!Imperial Agents: Recover kyber crystals from the ancient moon, Jedha. UNLOCK! requires a free app to play.  Once downloaded (Google Play or App Store), no internet connection is necessary to play.  Ages: 10+Players: 1 – 6Average Game Length: 60 minutesContents: 1 rulebook, tutorial (10 cards), 3 adventures (180 cards), 1 solution booklet, 1 Map