Two For The Road


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Put together the jigsaw puzzle

It is the mid fifties. Somewhere out on route 66, two classic American  machines sit outside a gas station-cafe, patiently awaiting their  owner’s return. It is hot and dusty – one of those hot days where miles  away these ‘Two for the Road’ can be heard tearing down the open road… Each and every puzzle from Cobble Hill is crafted to museum-quality  standards, using the finest inks and varnishes.  Each puzzle features  linen textured paper and premium grade blue board, and uses 100%  recycled chipboard. The pieces are random-shaped, which means our  puzzles are more interesting to assemble because no two pieces are  alike. 1000 PiecesBonus Poster Included.Finished size: Approx. 68 cm x 49 cm / 27 in x 19 inMade in the USA by: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company