Tom Tinker’s Daily Puzzle – Book


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Solve the picture riddles.

Can you solve some of the most challenging puzzles ever created?  These difficult picture logic puzzles were created by Sam Loyd Jr.  Use your deductive reasoning to figure out over 200 different puzzles.  Answer key is found at the back of the book. Preface: “In November 1910, Sam Loyd Jr created his first of a series of Tom Tinker puzzles in the form of a comic strip.  These proved so successful that he began to publish a series of single style daily puzzles that appeared from March 1911 until October 1911.  Long forgotten and recently rediscovered in the archives of the Sam Loyd Company, each puzzle has been painstakingly scanned, cleaned and restored by the Same Loyd Studio using original artwork, to ensure the highest quality is achieved for your enjoyment. ” – The Sam Loyd Company