Squaring the Apple


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Create tangram shapes using the pieces.

This acrylic puzzle consists of an “apple” that is made up of 12 elements, which are a combination of two units.  There are 5 tasks to solve.  Start by laying out all elements on a table. Task 1: The main task of the puzzle is to construct a square using all 12 elements.  Elements can be flipped and turned by they must not overlap.  (Hence, Squaring the Apple!) Task 2: ‘The Tailor’s Problem’.  Fit all 12 elements on a 10×2 strip with cutouts as pictured on the instructions. Task 3: Construct congruent shapes.  Using the entire set of elements, construct two congruent shapes and the same time.  Find at least 3 solutions.  Task 4: A difficult task.  Using the entire set of elements, construct simultaneously six symmetrical shapes of the same area. Task 5: ‘Squaring the Pineapple’.  Using all 12 elements you can construct a symmetrical shape with a void inside.  A great challenge created by Russian designer Vladimir Krasnoukhov.