ROKR Wooden Mechanical Gears – Classical Gramophone


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Assemble the model to make a functioning gramophone.

Robotime ROKR do-it-yourself Crank Classic Gramophone model kit is inspired by the Gramophone invented by Thomas Edison. It features an enticing retro design and is not only a model but also a gramophone that can really play records!! It doesn’t require a battery; instead uses a wind-up gear drive to operate. It comes with a vinyl record containing 3 songs: The Merry Gent, Memory Of A Dance, The Giant Killers. And It also can support other 7-inch and 10-inch records.  With laser-cut technology, the pre-cut wooden pieces are easy to pop out of the sheets. Made with safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins. The model comes packaged with clear, simple, and very detailed English illustrated instructions. Recommended Age: 14+424 PiecesDifficulty: Level 6 out of 6Assembly time: about 8 hours.