Orbicular Geode Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Blue


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Put together the jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzle may not be exactly as illustrated, (although very similar) because each geode puzzle has a unique pattern. Geode is a jigsaw puzzle inspired by the formation of agates, a colorful banded stone. Each puzzle is unique, emerging from a computer simulation that creates natural variations in the shape, pieces, and image.Cut style – MazeThis puzzle is cut in a dense, maze-like cut pattern. The extreme intertwining and high piece count make Maze our hardest cut style. The pieces are grown in a simulation of elastic rods. The edges grow, lengthening, until they collide, pushing each other into contorted shapes.Artwork – Algorithmic AgateEach computer generated image represents a slice of an algorithmic geode. Concentric layers of color radiate from the puzzle’s edge filling the surface with a banded pattern reminiscent of agate. Each band of growth exhibits slight changes in growth rate, color and character resulting in a unique pattern. These larger puzzles feature zones of orbicular pattern, bubble-like disruptions in the bands. We create these by introducing new seeds of growth during the generation process.size: approx 12″material: 1/4″ birch plywoodnumber of pieces: approximately 360 with 5 crystal-themed whimsies (Since every puzzle is unique, the size and piece count vary)made in Palenville, NYAlso available a similar but smaller Agate Puzzle.