Mechanical Metal Model – Glorious Cabrio 2


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Pop out and assemble the pieces to make a moving model.

A stylish, beautiful metal build-it-yourself model for anyone who loves cars and elegant designs. The hood of the car hides its mechanism and spring-powered movement. The steering wheel is functional and rotates the wheels .The front hood and the trunk can be opened. The model is easy to assemble and lends an aura of sophistication and elegance to any location where it’s placed. An amazing gift for anyone with good taste. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Model size: 174 x 57 x 45 mm Set: 3 plates with parts, 4 additional gears, spring, cloth for polishing, cotton gloves, pliers, file and instructions. Material: polished stainless steel. Number of pieces: 110 pieces Recommended age: 14+ Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic. ALL MODELS COME IN CARDBOARD BOXES.