Marble Circuit


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Place the tiles correctly to match the targets.

Ah!Ha Marble Circuit is a single player logic game of paths and possibilities with 64 puzzling challenges!  You must correctly predict the path of the marbles when adding your pieces to the game board so that the correct amount of marbles fill each target hole.SET UP:Slide the gate into the channel at the top of the board. Place one marble at the top of each track behind the gate.HOW TO PLAYChoose a challenge card and place the starting tiles on the board as indicated on the card. Note the numbers in the target spaces on the card. These numbers indicate the number of marbles that should end in these spaces.Predict the paths of the marbles and add the remaining mystery tiles so the number of marbles that collect in the five targets, will match the challenge card.  Slowly slide the gate to the right to release the marbles.Note: Beginner puzzles show more starting tiles. Puzzle cards increase in difficulty as fewer tiles are shown.Contents: 1 Game board 1 Gate 10 tiles 8 steel marbles 64 challenge cards with solutions at the backside Rules