Mame 4 Step Koyosegi


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Open the Box

The mame box is the smallest version that we have available, measuring at just over 4 cm long or just over 1.5 inches.  Mame translates from Japanese to “bean”, which is an apt name for this mini treasure.  The puzzle itself takes 4 steps to open and is crafted in the Koyosegi pattern. ** Japanese wood mosaic is called “Yosegi” (Koyosegi).  It is manufactured in Odawara,Hakone JAPAN.  Natural colored wood materials are assembled together into a board with a beautiful mosaic pattern, and sheets of this board are pasted onto boxes for decoration.  There are approximately 60 different mosaic patterns. Because of the hand-made nature of the box, the picture or pattern may have slight variations. Includes a solution.