Line Cube – Gold


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Form a cube out of the line of metal pieces

The Line Cube is a superb combination of building fun and artistic challenge with an appealing style.  Made of solid aluminum alloy, the Line Cube will stay durable for years to come.  The Line Cube is made in H structure aluminum pieces attached with springs. Like magic, you can create many different shapes; from a mini cube into a long snake; create your own phone stand or figurine.  A perfect gadget for fidgeting, fun and spatial skill challenge! Take this line of blocks and try to form a cube from it.  There are over 40 solutions to form a cube from this line, and you can create your own solution using your imagination.  It can also be an artwork in many different forms.     Material: aluminum alloy.     Solid colored exterior     Great for developing spatial abilities.     Can be built as a phone stand and more.     Available in 3 colors for selection.     Ages 8+ NOTE: Phone not included.