Jigsaw 1 Puzzle


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Fit all the pieces into the frame.

Here is a jigsaw that harkens back to the past!  Most jigsaw puzzles you can buy now are not cut with a jigsaw at all – they are die cut!  As part of this, their cuts have been simplified into a grid shape, reducing the pieces to just a few simple types.  With the Jigsaw 1, designer Samuel Farinas put together a puzzle where each piece is unique, making it satisfying to put together, but also a modest challenge. There are some recent surges in laser-cut puzzles on Kickstarter as well as premium hand-cut wooden puzzles.  Nonetheless, this puzzle has one piece that very well could have come from a modern puzzle.  Samuel Farinas is a computer engineering graduate from Canada who loves puzzles as a hobby.  He wears many hats; developing a domino toppling app, managing a few YouTube channels and even designing t-shirts for his various hobbies!