Impossibles – Yes Please Donuts


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Put together the jigsaw puzzle.

Yum Yum! A tempting puzzle of delicious doughnuts…but wait this is an Impossibles Puzzle! If you love puzzles and are looking for the ultimate challenge, then the Impossibles puzzle series is waiting for you! Impossibles are the only puzzle with NO EDGES and 5 extra pieces! Coupled with repeating patterns and colours throughout these puzzles truly are impossible! This colourful ‘Yes Please, Doughnuts’ 1,000 piece Impossibles puzzle features an image of yummy iced doughnuts …but the tempting image it isn’t going to make trying to piece it together any easier! For seasoned puzzlers who love the ultimate challenge, this jigsaw puzzle will keep them entertained …and scratching their heads for hours! 1000 Pieces.Finished size: 48 cm x 67.3 cm / 19 in x 26.5 in