Impossible Cube 1 (Green and White)


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Take apart and reassemble the pieces.

This “impossible cube” is an interlocking cube puzzle.  A burr puzzle can be ranked in two ways: level and steps. The steps are the total amount of movements which is needed to disassemble all parts. For this cube it takes 23 linear steps to completely disassemble it. The Level of the puzzle is the total amount of steps which it takes to remove the first part, and this cube takes 15 moves to remove the first piece from the cube. Solving this cube can be very difficult. If you are careful during the disassembly you will have a few clues on how to assemble the cube again. However, if you disassemble the cube without really paying attention it can be very difficult to assemble them again. This puzzle is 5 by 5 by 5 cm, and it has 6 parts and is sent to you assembled.Made in 3D printed plastic. Check out other cubes in this same series: Impossible Cube 2, Impossible Cube 3