Hip-Flask Puzzle


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Remove the lid from the flask.

Designer Felix Ure brings us his second puzzle design – the Hip Flask.  He describes it as “A fiendishly challenging, multi-stage, sequential discovery puzzle.​”   Reminiscent of his first design (The Titan), this puzzle is also made from unfinished solid brass and assembled by hand in the UK.  It is quite weighty (735 grams) for its size, which is about 72 mm tall. The objective of the Hip-Flask is to remove the lid of the flask. No external tools are needed, and no significant force is required. Felix is a product designer from England who has always been interested in clever mechanisms, which has spurred his delve into puzzle design.  His goal was to make a captivating shape that was as nice to look at as it was to play with, and combine it with a difficult but uncomplicated mechanism for its solution. What the Puzzle Wanderer says: “From the first moment you pick up Hip-Flask‘s packaging, you understand the importance of elegance in Ure’s mind.” Since this puzzle is made from unfinished brass, there is a natural tarnish (patina) that forms on it surface with handling and with time that many people find appealing.  We’ve tried to demonstrate in our product image that most of Felix’s puzzles already have some natural tarnish or markings. The Hip Flask is packaged in a thick red velvet bag that is put inside a plain black cardboard box.