Group Special – a set of 30 wood puzzles


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assembly and disentanglement puzzles

The following puzzles are in this set. Click on the individual puzzle name to get a more descriptive view of each puzzle: Soma Cube, Tower of Hanoi, Easy Does It, Tangled Tales, Desperado, The Big Tease, Eureka, Loop de Loop, Wedding Vows, Wild Dog, Mouse Trap – Puzzle Master, Enigma – Wood Puzzle, Mayhem, Riddler, Magic Coin Box, Triangulator, Galaxy – wood puzzle, Mosaic, Star – Wood, Gyro, Atom Bomb, Log Jam, Invader, Dungeon, Tower of Babel – Puzzle Master, Twisted Gem, Magic Dice, Star of David – Wooden Puzzle, Secret Opening Box 2, Secret Opening Box 3,