Grecian Glass Bottle


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Empty the bottle of its contents and then reassemble.

The Grecian Glass Bottle is part of the True Genius Collection. Players must use gravity, friction and the items inside the glass to remove everything from the bottle. Emptying the bottle is challenging, returning everything back into the bottle in it’s original state is even more difficult. The origins of glass making are shrouded in mystery.  In many cultures, the technique was a highly coveted secret passed down from master to apprentice and sharing it was punishable by death!  One of the earliest forms of glass making, core forming, is traced back to ancient Greece.  This precess shaped liquid glass around a solid object to create a hollow centre.  Once it was cool, the core was remove to unveil flasks which were used to store perfumed oil.  Our ancient flask puzzle challenged you to remove the stick and unveil thte secret of Greece’s true genius. Ages: 14+Difficulty Rating: ♦♦♦◊