Get off the Earth


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Find the disappearing warrior

On of the most popular puzzles ever created is the “Get Off the Earth” puzzle. Invented by America’s premier puzzlist, Sam Loyd, and patented in 1896, there have been over 10 million copies produced and distributed. The name “Get Off the Earth” is a reference to the disappearing or vanishing aspect of the puzzle that makes it so unique. Printed on and around the globe are Warriors fighting with swords. When the arrow points NE, there are thirteen Warriors. When the arrow points NW, there are only twelve Warriors. How can a man, or even a mechanically reproduced picture of a man, disappear? Study their faces, postures and swords. Can you tell which one has vanished? Where does he go? How did the Warrior “Get Off the Earth?” The cardboard used to create the puzzle cards is the same that Sam Loyd used when he first published them. That way you get the cards the way Sam Loyd wanted people to enjoy them.