Father Time – Christmas Puzzle Postcard


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Solve the puzzles on the card.

Puzzle adventures with a holiday twist! Clue Cards are mysterious puzzle adventures in the form of a postcard.  They are interactive, fun to solve and full of original puzzles. Each game lasts 30 to 60 minutes, and is perfect for 1 to 4 players. How does it work?  Read the Story: Each Clue Card contains a delightful, Christmas themed story with a mystery that needs to be solved. Solve the Puzzles: There are a variety of puzzles in each card. You’ll find things like tricky codes, cryptic ciphers, logic puzzles and more. If you get stuck along the way, a detailed set of hints are always available by scanning the QR code on the postcard.Win the Game! When you’ve solved all of the puzzles in the game, write down your answer & check the solution online to see if you’re right! Perfect to send to the puzzle lover for the holidays, or simply enjoy it as a family or for yourself. Father Time: For millennia the Clocktower of Father Time has ticked on – keeping the world in perfect harmony. Suddenly, with a crash, a bash, a bang and a thud – something has gone terribly wrong. Can you climb up the tower and repair the clock in time for Christmas?Difficulty: Difficult (5/5)