Farming Game Kids


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Build the best farm in the county.

This fun children’s educational boardgame can be played on three graduated playing levels. An adjustable skills game, it is fun for any kid from the ages 3-9. It can be played in English, French, and Spanish. THE FARMING GAME KIDS® challenges children to get their “hands dirty” in their own fantasy gardens growing crops of apples, corn, eggs, and watermelons.THE FARMING GAME KIDS® is an adaptation of the award-winning classic family boardgame, THE FARMING GAME KIDS® is for the “new generation”. It was created by the second generation of the Farming Game family for their own growing young sprouts, some as young as three years old –to give them a chance to try their luck at farming. THE FARMING GAME KIDS® gameboard is a working farm, the fields a-popping with produce. Kids harvest the food to sell at their fruit stand. For the little kids, it’s the player who gets to the Fruit Stand with the most produce that wins the game! For the older kids, playing FARMING GAME KIDS® at level #2 or level #3, they also get to roll the dice…with their roll determining how much money $$$ the KIDS get paid for their crops! THE FARMING GAME KIDS® helps develop skills in addition, subtraction, counting money, reading simple charts, Spanish, French and…the most important lesson in farming, keeping a stiff upper lip when things aren’t going just right…that is…right after you Farming Kids get done laughing!    3 Adjustable play levels    For Kids ages 3-9 years    For 2 to 4 players