Extreme Kuku Puzzle (Limited Edition Prediction Time)


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Open the ball.

The Prediction Time Kuku is a limited edition puzzle.  The first 20 customers who order will also receive a copy of the book, The Isis Adventure: Codes of the Diamond Isis by designer Andrew Reeves. This small metal puzzle ball is made with impeccable quality and has a special twist.  Once you have solved it, the designer has included several extra pieces inside that you may add to make the puzzle more difficult. There is one kuku that contains a special gold key code inside that will award its owner with a very difficult and valuable Gold Tessarisis puzzle. This puzzle is part of the new Prediction Time game by Sonic Games.  Register HERE for the launch game. Andrew Reeves is the founder of Sonic Games, a company which creates specialist high quality luxury puzzles that sell across the world.  They have been making puzzles for 15 years from a design and operations unit based in Shrewsbury.