Escape Mail: Season 1 – Episode 9 Best Served Cold


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Solve the puzzles to reach the final goal.

Escape Mail is designed to work like an escape room style puzzle where you must solve several puzzles sequentially in order to reach your objective.  You must use your best detective skills to crack codes and find clues.  The time is now, Cuz!!! You’ve helped JJ get this far, and finally you’re at the very doorstep of the notorious Hunter’s Hideout. Inside is the key that will lead you to the famed Joro treasure, but will you be able to get inside? What traps and mysteries await you once inside? How do I play? 1. Open the envelope! Everything you need to get started is inside.2. Solve escape room-style puzzles, find clues, and crack codes. It’s a self-guided adventure.3. Repeat and play the next episode in the Season. What’s Included: Addressed envelope, Introduction letter, Hunter Documents letter with ledger, A photo, A miniature wood hallway, A miniature rug, A key card, A scrap of cloth, Flow card Additional resources required: The experience requires use of an internet connected device, ability to scan a QR code, and perhaps a pencil. Note: online portal functions best on a Chrome browser. Also note that sometimes older versions of iOS have difficulties with the online portal. Average Game Length: 1-2 hoursAges: 10+Players: 1-4