Easy Set – Akaki’s Picnic Basket Puzzles


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Fit each set of pieces into the basket.

Akaki’s Picnic Baskets are a series of small but tricky packing puzzles. The objective is to pack the pieces into the basket so that nothing sticks out the top. Inserting the first few pieces is easy, but when you get to the last piece, you will inevitably find that the handle gets in your way. You might need to take a good look at the pieces, and think outside the box…  Each picnic puzzle includes a different movement or technique in order to solve it. The same basket can be used for all five puzzles included in this set.  Includes: 1 – Basket 1 – Cake Puzzle – Pink (EASY) 1 – Fruit Puzzle – Blue (EASY) 1 – Hamburger Puzzle – Brown (MEDIUM) 1 – Salmiakki Puzzle – Black (MEDIUM) 1 – Subway Puzzle – Grey (HARD) These puzzles are 3D printed in biodegradable PLA plastic. The basket is printed in wooden PLA. The colors might vary slightly, depending on what filaments are available. Made by designer Akaki Kuumeri from Tokyo, Japan