D.I.Y Crystal Art Notebook Kit – Fairy Tales


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Decorate your own notebook cover.

In Lisa Parker’s Owl and Fairy Tree, the mystical owl meets with the magical fairy to discuss their plans for the forest alliance. Get ready to literally make your thoughts dazzle! Create a sparkling stationary cover with the Crystal Art Notebook Kit that comes complete with all the tools and 50 lined pages to record your notes. Give it as a brilliant gift, take it to school, or use as a journal.  Suitable for ages 8+. Approximately 2 to 3 hours assembly time. Notebook size is 6.9″ x 10″. Partial crystal. Crystal Art Notebook Kit includes: Coded adhesive design template Coded pre-sorted crystal packets Double-sided crystal pick-up pen Jelly wax Grooved crystal tray Ziplock bags Instructions