Crossover – Metal Puzzle


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Take apart and reassemble the metal pieces.

The Crossover is an anodized metal puzzle that has been manufactured in Canada.  It is constructed with a textured surface, which makes it more resistant to marking and creates a great feel in the hands.  It is part of a series of high quality metal puzzles that are manufactured in low number production runs and brought to you exclusively by Puzzle Master.  The original design for this burr was done by Stéphane Chomine from France. Made of six pieces, there are two different solutions that are equally difficult.  The finished burr forms a hefty hand-sized display piece.  Comes packaged in a Puzzle Master branded felt bag. Difficulty: 38 Moves (  The brackets indicate the breakdown of moves to free each piece sequentially. Check out the other Puzzle Master exclusives in this series! A special thank-you to Aaron Williams for helping with the design and production.