Bullet Burr Puzzle, Design 1 – .308 Winchester


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Fit the bullets together to form a 6 piece burr.

This unique looking six-piece burr puzzle is printed in PLA plastic with a metallic looking finish.   It can be solved with different looking final states.Easy to disassemble but challenging to put back together!  This puzzle is not only for the mind; it also requires dexterity. The finish is smooth and shiny and this makes the pieces seem slippery.  In addition to this, their light weigh adds greatly to the challenge of assembling the puzzle with only two hands. You may need a little bit of balance in this feat. Puzzle lovers will relish this challenge. This puzzle is delivered unassembled.This puzzle is chambered in .308 which is one of the most versatile centerfire rifle rounds ever created. Also known as the 7.62x51mm NATO, this round was introduced in 1952 with a ability to match the performance of the .30-06 that served in WWI and WWII, except with a shorter length and action. It severed in the M14 and is still used today in the M24 and M40 sniper weapon systems as well as by countless hunters.