Brass Monkey Four


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Take apart and reassemble the metal pieces.

This puzzle is number four of a series of puzzles that look similar but have different assemblies & solutions. Hot(tish) on the heels of Brass Monkey Three. The devious minds behind Two Brass Monkeys have come up with a new six piece design.  Just a single hole at the end of each piece differentiate it from Brass Monkey One, Two and Three.  Like the previous puzzles it weighs almost 800g (1.1 lbs). Each piece is 70mm long and has a diameter of 19mm. This is a puzzler’s puzzle. Perfect for fooling those who think they have seen it before. It looks like a standard interlocking Burr. It isn’t. It makes a perfect quartet with it’s predecessors, Brass Monkey One, Brass Monkey Two and Brass Monkey Three.