Black Jack Puzzle Box – Limited Edition


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Open the box.

The Jack of Spades sits atop the deck of cards, but can you unshuffle the mystery to raise the Jack from the deck and reveal the prize?This very difficult, uniquely created sequential discovery puzzle box was designed by Philip Black, whose passion is to create unique and challenging puzzle boxes. “In this, the most complex puzzle box I’ve designed to date, you will need to follow 51 steps to unlock the box. Those steps involve a journey of logic, discovery, and trial and error as you move through the sequential process to unlock the puzzle.On this journey I will give you things to twist and push and pull, tools to uncover and build, mechanisms and movements to master, culminating in an unexpected twist inspired from the classic cardistry revolution cut.The Black Jack Puzzle Box weighs a hefty 1kg and is 3d printed, taking 106 hours to print. With over 100 individual parts it then takes 6 hours to hand assemble. The result is a strikingly bold yet simple exterior which conceals a hugely complex set of mechanisms.” – Philip BlackLimited edition of 99 signed and numbered by designerConstruction: 3d Printed in PLA** PLA – Polylactic Acid is different from most thermoplastic polymers in that it is derived from renewable resources like corn starch.