Automata Collection – Sliding Deer


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An easy-to-assemble moving model!

Santa Claus is getting ready to deliver presents to kids all over the world. It takes eight reindeers to pull Santa’s sled. In late December, the reindeer skis to the North Pole from their homes in Scandinavia to help Santa perform his special mission on Christmas Day. Paper automata are not just toys. They are works of art and demonstrations of science. A lot of thought goes into the design of every model. Pull the levers, turn the crank and watch with delight as the model springs into life.They are constructed from paper rather than plastic. Paper is lightweight, strong, easy to work with and environmentally friendly. The models require no tools for assembly. They also teach the mechanical principles of levers and gears. About the designer: Keith Newstead, born in 1956 in the U.K, was fascinated with penny arcades during his childhood. The machines he saw there inspired him to become an automata designer.After decades in the field, Keith Newstead has become a worldwide master automata designer. His works are very artistic and many famous brands have asked him to work on creative collaborations. His automate can be seen in the British Museum, the Tower of London, and the U.K.’s National Gallery.