ARToy Moving Model Kit – Sailing into the Wind


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Try this new groundbreaking product and fuel your creativity by building your own miniature machine!

Wooden automata are not just toys. They are works of art and demonstrations of science. Pull the levers, turn the crank and watch with delight as the model springs into life.All Modelshop collections recall poignant moments in history. They are equally appealing to adults and children.They are made from precision-cut, high-quality recyclable pine wood and require no tools to assemble. They also teach the mechanical principles of levers and gears. About the designer: Walter Ruffler is a German citizen who discovered his passion for automata after visiting an exhibition of the works of teh Cabaret Mechanical Theater in Switzerland in 1999.  He began producing mechanical models himself using a variety of different materials, but is especially talented at designing complex moving models from paper.