Arrow Tour


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Place the arrows in a closed loop that ends where it starts.

Arrow Tour is an analytical puzzle from a Martin Gardner book “The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems”.  It also appeared in at least one other of his publications.  Martin credits the origin of the math problem which is the basis of the puzzle to Brian Barwell, a British engineer who introduced it in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics Oct 1969. Place the 16 arrows, one to a cell such that they map a closed loop tour that visits every cell and ends up where it starts.  The number on an arrow indicates the direction and how far you must move to place the next arrow.  There are 2 possible solutions using all 16 arrows. For a shorter but still challenging puzzle, use the following 6 arrows only and try to make a closed loop tour:  3 of the #3 arrows; 3 of the #2 arrows; & the single #1 arrow. Puzzle come with base and cover.  Playing pieces are beautifully printed using UV flatbed printer technology.  Attractive and very durable.Made by: Creative Crafthouse in the USA.