Altekruse Burr


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Take apart and reassemble the wooden pieces

This is the classic “Altekruse Puzzle” originally designed by William Altekruse in 1890.  It is a symmetrical 12-piece burr puzzle.  The Altekruse family is of Austrian-German origin and, curiously, the name means “old cross” in German, which has led some authors to incorrectly assume that it was a pseudonym. The Altekruse puzzle has an unusual mechanical action in the first step of disassembly by which two halves move in opposition to each other, unlike the more familiar burr types, which have a key piece or pieces. Depending upon how it is assembled, this action can take place along one, two, or all three axes independently but not simultaneously. An elegant handmade creation that is made with extraordinary quality and brought to you by hobby puzzle maker and designer Bill Sheckels from the USA.Material: Cherry Wood