All Tetra Pod


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Fit all eight pieces into the frame.

 Another great packing puzzle brought to you by Pelikan. This puzzle was crafted in Europe with absolutely fantastic quality. Each of the puzzles of Pelikan design are unparalleled in their class! Every piece of the puzzle is precisely cut and very well made;  you cannot find its equal anywhere else. The diversity in wood makes each puzzle a unique masterpiece. Kevin Sadler wrote about it:“No Pelikan release seems to be complete without something from Osanori Yamamoto. The All Tetra Pod puzzle has been beautifully made from Wenge and Padauk. I thought I might manage to do it fairly quickly because the pieces are relatively simple being just the complete set of tetrominoes and also because I distinctly remembered having solved a very similar challenge from my good friend from South Africa, Johan Heyns. He had produced the Tetro puzzle from Ishino’s site complete with a frame and a stand. There was my first mistake – the similarity was only superficial – Johan’s puzzle was relatively easy because there are 63 possible assemblies into that corner shape and whilst finding one of them was not trivial, it was not too many hours of work. The new design from Osanori-san has a much more restricted entry (in fact, it is a corner shaped box with only a slot for entry). I think I had made about 6 different corner shapes which would not go inside the frame before I realised quite how much more of a challenge this was. I needed to think in terms of the restrictions as well and that really added to the challenge! Over an afternoon I think I lost most of the rest of my hair from this puzzle – it is a massive challenge and it transpires there is only a single assembly out of the 63 which is assemblable inside the box. It requires a lot of thought and a LOT of trial and error – fabulous!” Designed by: Osanori YamamotoMade in a combination of Wenge/ Paduk wood.