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Fit all the pieces into the box.

2LIT is a 3d printed packing puzzle in which you must fit 5 pieces into the box.  The box features a moving door that has a clear-colored cubie affixed to the inside of it.  The door also has a one-cubie square hole on the front, which vanishes or appears depending on where the door is positioned and it lends to an elegant internal solution.  There is a bit of dexterity involved, and some fun traps that can make you think you bricked the whole thing if you do it out of order.   Kris Antibus designed this packing puzzle using inspiration from the 5L Box and ResQ.  Kris has a passion for 3D printing and has used it to produce many different kinds of puzzles. 2LIT = 2/S piece, 2Ls, one Bicube, and one T piece.The pieces are iridescent purple and they come in a black velvet bag.